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Local School Teams Up With FCA’s Nursery Co-op to Support an Important Cause


On June 19, 2018, FCA’s Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-op received a special visit from the Hempstead Evergreen Charter Middle School’s Community Service Club. Approximately 18 students and nine nursery co-op children joined together to take part in FCA’s Safe & Warm Quilt Initiative, creating decorative 18×18 squares, which will be sewn into Long Island’s largest quilt.

When offered the opportunity to participate in the initiative and support Long Island’s homeless youth population, the students’ voted a unanimous “yes”. They were also eager to work with young children in the community as a way of giving back to others.

“The children in the club were so happy to be a part of this,” said Maria Perez-Llona, Social Worker, Evergreen Charter Middle School. “They were smiling, laughing, playing and singing along with the nursery school children. The staff at the Lynn Vanderall Nursery Co-op were exceptionally nice, helpful and so warm to myself and the kids. We’re grateful for the opportunity to become involved with FCA in its initiative to keep Long Islanders safe and warm. We hope to participate again next year!”

On behalf of everyone at FCA, a big thank you to Maria for contacting our President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds to express her desire to work cooperatively with the agency, and to our talented staff, Ana Castillo, Anita Wilson, Donna Teichner, Donna Raphael, and Kobida Raventhiranathan for making it happen!

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