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Family Engagement Events

In addition to daytime and evening Parent Support Groups, Family Center (Nassau) offered two different family engagement events these past few months. Family Center Nassau collaborated with North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center and Hispanic Counseling Center to provide the families an evening of fun bowling for the entire family at Garden City Lanes.  This event was funded in part by OMH and all 3 agencies worked together.
Family Center Nassau also joined FCA’s Children’s Care Coordination to invite families to Dave and Busters. The families bowled, played games and enjoyed a buffet dinner together.  The families were also given the opportunity to network with each other.


Two children, one from Family Center Nassau and one from FCA’s Home-based community services (HCBS) program became friendly at the Bowling Engagement Event and exchanged their information with their parents’ permission.  One of the moms shared that the boys were getting together after Skyping each other daily. She said that her son was so happy because he does not have friends and was able to make one.
At the family engagement event it was noted that two boys were getting along well. They were different ages and attended different schools. The boys interacted well and enjoyed playing with each other throughout the event. This allowed the Respite Supervisor to peer them up in Family Center Nassau’s Respite program.
Family Center (Suffolk) held a family engagement event which was dubbed Family Movie Day. Families were able to relax and enjoy a movie together.


Family Center Suffolk offered a workshop on self-care where a Family Peer Advocate taught parents how to crotchet as a way of reducing stress.

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