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Diverting Teens from PINS Petition


For the first time during the month of January PINS Diversion has partnered with FCA’s Family Treatment & Recovery Centers and now has a Nurse Practitioner on site several hours per week.  Youth in need of an up-to-date psychological evaluation to secure Single Point of Access (SPOA) services are scheduled to meet with the NP in a timely fashion.  This is a new initiative in 2018, recognizing that an obstacle in assessing needed services for PINS Diversion youth is often due to a parent’s inability to assess mental health services. This might be due to long wait lists at clinics, parent’s employment schedules, lack of insurance, youth and or parent noncompliance or a host of other reasons.  The outcome of this new initiative has already been met with success and as a result, an FCA Family Specialist was already able to complete and present a SPOA application to the Office of Mental Health committee and SPOA services were immediately secured for the Family Specialist’s youth.

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