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Regaining Control of your Teen Person in Need of Supervision (PINS)

Our Program

FCA’s Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) Diversion program is designed to successfully provide intensive clinical case management and counseling to keep at risk teens safe and out of the juvenile justice system. We offer an immediate response when a teen’s behavior and conflicts between parents and teen leads them to consider a PINS petition from Family Court. PINS Diversion offers families help from trained professionals to develop a plan that will improve their relationships, reduce conflicts and divert many teens from the family court system.

What We Do

We address concerns such as:

  • Drug and/or alcohol use
  • Chronic truancy
  • Mental health concerns
  • Violence towards self or others
  • Gang involvement/affiliation
  • Violating curfew
  • Disruptive behaviors in the home or school
  • To do so, our staff is available to respond within 24-hours to offer crisis counseling, stabilization and assessment.

How We Work

Our staff of highly trained Family Specialists carefully assesses each family to develop an individualized service plan to address the needs of both the teen and family. Family Specialist can also facilitate access to a coordinated array of human services that may be required. Intensive, short term, strength-based counseling and support will be provided to those families who agree to engage in the process. A unique feature of this program is the use of the family conference to promote family decision-making. Our program will provide the least restrictive intervention needed to prevent a PINS petition and reduce out-of-home placements.

Services We Provide

  • Clinical Case Management
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Family Mediation
  • On-Site Evidence Based Groups for Youth and Families
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Respite Services
  • Behavioral Plans
  • Link to Appropriate Resources


  • You must reside in Nassau County.
  • You must want to resolve the conflict within your family and be willing to use the assistance offered.
  • You must be referred by Nassau County Department of Social Services
  • You may be asked to participate in a Family Conference with your family where, together, you will work to develop a solution plan.
  • You must agree to follow-up with services that will be used to help make sure the your Plan is successful.

PINS Diversion is made possible through funding support from the Nassau County Department of Social Services and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Call the Nassau County Department of Social Services for a referral at: (516)-227-8404

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about this program please contact our Intake Coordinator at: 516-741-0604 Ext: 4387 or

Lillian Vai, Director

100 E. Old Country Road

Mineola, NY  11501

Phone:  (516) 741-0604 x 4390



Detention Diversion

Our Program

FCA’s Detention Diversion Program works with youth (ages 7-15 years old) who come into contact with Nassau County’s Juvenile Justice System as a result of committing a offending act. Referrals for the program come only from Nassau County Juvenile Probation. The primary goal of the program is to divert youth who are arrested, in police custody, or under probation supervision from admission to detention, remand and/or OCFS placement.

Contact Us

Margaret Doherty, LMFT

Probation Program Supervisor

Detention Diversion Program


516-221-1844 (Fax)

 Our PINS Diversion program is designed to successfully provide intensive clinical case management and counseling to keep at risk youth safe and out of the juvenile justice system.

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