Family and Children's Association (FCA)

Family Education & Support

  • Family Counseling

    Family Mediation Program
    Our Family Mediation program provides short-term counseling and mediation services to youth and families experiencing difficulties and conflict at home.
    • Afterschool Learning Center

      Hempstead Learning Center
      The after-school time Learning Center serves at-risk, vulnerable adolescents – runaways, homeless youth, those in foster care and those from struggling families. They receive the support and services they need to prepare them for employment, college and successful adulthood.
      • Family Coaching

        Family Support
        Family Support workers are teachers; they teach core life skills families need to improve their situation and enhance the well-being of each member.
        • Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-op

          Our Nursery Co-op is a short-term childcare and case management program for parents seeking to improve their individual and family circumstances through employment, education, training or support services in pursuit of self-sufficiency.
          • Pregnant & Parenting Teen Support

            Parents And Children Together (PACT)
            PACT serves the Village of Hempstead and surrounding communities. We focus on offering services to youth who are at risk of unprotected sexual activity, early pregnancy as well as pregnant and parenting teens. The PACT program works to provide teens with opportunities for cultural and education enrichment activities that can support the development of personal goals.
            • Foster Care Youth Living Skills

              Project Independence
              Project Independence is a comprehensive, non-residential program designed to prepare youth between the ages of 14-21 who are in foster care, or discharged from foster care, to live and work independently in the community when they are no longer eligible for foster care.
              • Gun Violence Reduction

                SNUG is an evidence-based gun violence reduction initiative. SNUG works with community residents, businesses and community-based organizations to implement coordinated strategies to reduce and prevent shootings and killings in community. FCA’s Violence Reduction Initiative will interrupt violence, change behaviors and change community norms for eligible individuals living in the Village of Hempstead.
                • Regaining Control of your Teen

                  Person in Need of Supervision (PINS)
                  Our PINS Diversion program is designed to successfully provide intensive clinical case management and counseling to keep at risk youth safe and out of the juvenile justice system.
                  • Youth Advisory Council

                    The Youth Advisory Council is an essential part of the Village of Hempstead Initiative. Family and Children’s facilitates an opportunity for youth to serve as decision-makers, impact the Village positively, and broaden their perspective of the world.

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