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HERTURN is Family & Children’s Association’s (FCA) newest initiative to empower at-risk individuals within their community. Working solely with minority females, HERTURN offers women the opportunity to better both themselves and others through the creation of a community network.  This network is founded on education and connection via street outreach, case management, and local support groups.  Bridging resources from local partners (NuHealthNorthwellPlanned ParenthoodAdelphiLICADD), HERTURN connects with clients in order to create connections for them.  We are situated just two minutes from the Hempstead Bus Terminal in FCA’s newly refurbished location at 126 Franklin St, Hempstead, NY.

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Family & Children’s Association Empowers Women At Risk For HIV/AIDS

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HERTURN is an eight-month community partnership whose primary focus is on minority women who have experienced trauma, have engaged/engage in substance use, or are at risk of contracting and/or transmitting HIV/Hepatitis B&C.  HERTURN’s Outreach Program provides group education and workshops, HIV Testing, Mental Health and Substance Use Assessments, and Mobile Case Management.  At our offices in 126 Franklin St we provide individual and group support, further case management, referral services, transportation assistance, leadership and coaching opportunities, and the necessary tools for women to take charge of their mental and physical health. All outreach and on-site services can be provided in both English and Spanish.


Services are entirely free and incentives are provided ($20-$30 Walmart gift cards) for each intake and 6-month follow-up interview.  Women will have the opportunity to empower themselves and one another, and also to build their resumes with peer coaching, group leadership, and participation in our monthly Community Advisory Board meetings.  We are excited to bring such opportunities to the community and to empower lives one woman at a time!

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