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One Island Giving Day

Family & Children’s Association (FCA) is proud to be represented on a day of giving on Long Island. One Island Giving Day, a campaign created by the Hagedorn Foundation, encourages Long Islanders to support nonprofits that work to serve Long Islanders each and every day.

Please take a moment to learn how FCA protects and strengthens more than 30,000 vulnerable Long Islanders each and every year, making Long Island an even better place to live for all, and why you should support FCA this One Island Giving Day, 10.26.2018:

FCA’s Impact


One Island Giving Day

one island giving day


One Island Giving Day


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FCA President/CEO Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds on Fios1 – 2017 One Island Giving Day

One Island Giving

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Long Island’s opioid epidemic has left countless Long Islanders from neighborhoods across the island struggling with addiction. We understand that addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. Long Islanders can count on receiving professional care at one of FCA’s multiple Family Treatment & Recovery Centers as well as THRIVE, Long Island’s first Recovery Community and Outreach Center. Click to Support FCA

Each and every year, hundreds of runaway & homeless youth come through our doors at our emergency youth shelter and our transitional & independent living skills house. These youth show up to our door step often with little to no hope or direction. FCA understands the needs of runaway & homeless youth and prove year after year that a positive environment, professional guidance and hard work can help youth in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Click to Support FCA

Long Island’s senior citizen population continues to be on the rise. Parents are not only caring for their children, but are also caring for their parents. As healthcare costs soar, elderly financial abuse runs rampant, and caregivers work 24 hours a day with little to no recognition, FCA continues to pave the way to make the lives of our senior population and their families safer and more stable. FCA’s robust adult and senior services division provides innovative services that include our Alzheimer’s caregiver program, a Home Energy Assistance Program, Financial Counseling, and our Friendly Visiting program. Click to Support FCA

Vulnerable families on Long Island seem to never get a break from the social injustices and public health issues that disproportionately affect their communities. It’s often the job of local nonprofits to highlight the positive stories that come out of our most vulnerable communities. Knowing about and sharing the work, advocacy and successes accomplished by youth and their families living in Long Island’s most vulnerable communities is crucial to creating a voice that is heard through the uphill battle many families experience. Across generations, families are more resilient to the adversity they face and through FCA’s robust preventive services, have more access to educational programs that encourage good decision making hard work regardless of the obstacles that come their way. Click to Support FCA

As the mental health landscape continues to evolve, families are often left overwhelmed trying to educate themselves and their families about the struggles their children with mental health issues deal with on a daily basis. FCA understands that mental health issues affect the whole family and having a robust support team who is able to work with families during life’s ups and downs is crucial for families to develop the resilience and empathy that will improve the quality of their lives. From parent advocates to highly qualified case managers, FCA’s Children’s Mental Health division serves countless Long Island with the care and respect every family deserves. Click to Support FCA

Join FCA on One Island Giving Day and consider supporting all the work we do for Long Island. FCA has been working with vulnerable families for over 130 years. It’s crucial to the health of Long Island communities that human service agencies like ours continue the work that mostly happens behind the scenes. Our work involves many of the stories you don’t hear about or don’t want to hear about. We’re on Long Island to confront the social justice and public health issues head on and your support means that we will be able to continue doing so for another 130 years. Click to Support FCA


More About One Island Giving Day

One Island Giving Day is a one-day virtual event that aims to raise over $1 million dollars for local, LI-based nonprofits to help create a stronger Long Island for ALL Long Islanders. The event encourages our community to contribute to local nonprofit organizations through a single online giving platform on (or before) October 26, 2018.

one island giving day

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