Family and Children's Association (FCA)

Mission Statement

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Our Mission: To protect and strengthen Long Island’s most vulnerable children, families, seniors, and their communities.

Family & Children’s Association (FCA) is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing help and hope to Long Island’s most vulnerable children, families, seniors and their communities. FCA is comprised of experienced professionals who both know enough and care enough to dedicate themselves to serve the most vulnerable residents of Long Island. With support from a committed Board of Trustees, other volunteers and with disciplined leadership, we bring our individual and collective knowledge, skills and abilities to bear on the implementation of a continuum of residential and community-based programs/services that are strength-based and culturally competent.

We are mission-driven and continually strive to bring effective, efficient, and practical change to the lives of our clients. Our work is goal-directed, outcome-oriented and informed by the real needs of real people; we consistently work to measurably increase the social value of all programs. We understand that change is difficult for individuals and organizations and we encourage both to move out of their comfort zones to achieve “real and permanent good.” In general, we believe that children need families to support their development from birth to school to college or vocational training to self sufficiency represented by gainful employment.

Finally, we believe that while we can be “good” alone, we need to cooperate and collaborate with others to be truly “great”. This leads us to commit to being good stewards of our own resources and to seek opportunities to leverage them through partnerships and alliances with other like-minded organizations.


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